“Omigosh, I just finished your Caribbean Sticky Ribs and they were so good I have to give you a review. They held up so well through their cooking, refrigeration, transportation, storage, and reheating. The sauce was perfect: not too sweet and not too salty.  The pork ribs seemed to be really good quality of meat and were still moist and toothsome with a good mouth-feel.  I'm always impressed with the value you provide us for the money; it must be a constant balancing act.” ~Gail K, Seattle

"Many thanks for a well balanced, healthy and amazing bunch of easy meals.  Well done." ~ Lori O., Kirkland

I no longer have the stress of meal planning, cooking or cleaning up the mess.  Hiring the Fresh Chef is the best lifestyle decision I have made in recent years.  Thank you, Chef Virginia!!” ~Juliet K. Lynnwood

"I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your food. I am very happy with everything so far. You have made a big difference in my life by providing a service which allows me to eat healthy with my busy life. Thank you for that" ~Stephanie M, Everett

"The flavors were delicious and the servings were generous.  We especially loved her fresh Italian salad, homemade bread and rosemary beef stew.  Not having to stress about what was for dinner was just what the doctor ordered!”  ~Susan S., Redmond

 I received my meals today.  They arrived beautifully prepared.  I ate the shrimp noodle salad, it was delicious!  I will most definitely be a repeat customer!  Thanks again! ~Julie N., Seattle

“As a vegetarian (and a finicky eater in general), it is often difficult to find menus suitable to my preferences.  Chef Virginia's meals taste as scrumptious as they sound--and her custom creations are both fresh and comforting. "   ~Jessica B., Bellevue

"I have been thanked constantly for the gift certificate from The Fresh Chef for my son and daughter-in-law (best gift ever!) and they RAVE about the meals.  I am so happy to have found the Fresh Chef and will keep her number in my speed dial .. just in case!    Thank you, Chef Virginia!"  ~Amy J, Philadelphia, PA

"Your Italian Style Beef & Vegetable Kebabs were superb! Everything is always good — but this was especially unique . Just wanted to let you know that your good cooking doesn’t go unnoticed. Every thing is wonderful and too numerous to mention by name — and I appreciate your choices and gourmet skills in the kitchen."  ~ Lorraine W., Ballard

"The food was delicious!!! And the best part is it helped me lose 2 lbs (in one week)!"~ Cindy B., Shoreline

“Chef Virginia had been to my home a couple of weeks before the snow arrived leaving me with soups, entrees with deliciously prepared meats and vegetables. I survived by eating a variety of food and knew it was healthy as well as meeting the Swedish Medical Weight Loss Clinic's suggestions."    ~Suzanne H., Seattle

"Thank you for creating wonderful dishes for people!  We’ve been sending food to some friends, one of whom recently received a very devastating cancer diagnosis.   The family has raved about your food.  Your rosemary stew was deemed “absolutely delicious.”  Your buttermilk chicken?  “Wonderful.”

I know that - amid the anxiety and pain and fear that our friends currently face - your meals bring them great delight.  Food, as I’m sure you know, can be one of the most wonderfully healing aspects of life.  Thanks for sharing your culinary gifts with them."  Doug T, Edmonds
"What a wonderful dinner chef Virginia prepared last night!  The presentation was lovely and the food was so GOOD.  We have raved about it to everyone we’ve spoken with today.  It was a truly memorable meal."   ~Kathy D., Snohomish