Meet Chef Virginia Blashill


Chef Virginia Blashill has had a long and creative culinary career. She began cooking at the age of three, under the tutelage of her mother, who taught her the importance of cooking and baking from scratch, using fresh ingredients. “We never ate anything frozen or out of a can unless we were camping!”

She is a graduate of the Culinary Business Academy and a member of several local culinary organizations, including the Puget Sound Personal Chef Association.

Chef and Baker

Chef Virginia has over 25 years of experience in the food industry as a chef, baker, caterer, restaurateur and culinary instructor. Along with her degree from the Culinary Business Academy, she has taken many specialized cooking classes, and apprenticed under talented chefs and caterers. Her cooking style is eclectic, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, creative food pairings, and an attention to detail. Chef Virginia is committed to providing the best, most flavorful and healthy food possible. 


Personal Chef

In 2007, Chef Virginia established The Fresh Chef Personal Chef Service in Seattle, offering a professional service of custom, gourmet meal preparation based on each of her clients’ dietary needs and food preferences.  She quickly became one of few regional personal chefs who specialized in meal planning and preparation for people with restricted diets, including gluten and dairy-free, low-sodium, weight-management and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet).  In 2008, she partnered with Swedish Hospital’s Weight Management Clinic and other local nutritionists to help their clients lose and maintain weight by preparing low fat, low calorie and low-carb meals.  She often consults with local health professionals, including dietitians and naturopaths who prescribe dietary modifications and restrictions, such as low-sodium, South Beach, diabetic and Specific Carbohydrate diets.


Gourmet Meal Delivery

In the summer of 2011, Chef Virginia expanded her personal chef service to include gourmet meal delivery, preparing all  menu items in a licensed commercial kitchen. She offers an online menu that changes weekly, delivering to homes and businesses in the Greater Seattle area.  Each new menu reflects the tastes and abundances of the season. 

 Kitchen and Restaurant Management

A former executive chef and restaurant manager, Chef Virginia now wears another hat:  she is the owner and manager of The Culinary Cooperative, LLC, a local shared commercial kitchen that rents kitchen space to small, culinary entrepreneurs.

A Brief Biography

Owner/Executive Chef, The Fresh Chef, Edmonds, WA

Owner of The Culinary Cooperative (a shared commercial kitchen), Lynnwood, WA

Head Catering Chef, Your Table is Ready, Edmonds, WA

 Executive Chef, The Blue Heron Restaurant, Sonoma Wine Country, California

Owner/Chef Renaissance Catering, Sonoma Wine Country, California

 Owner/Baker, Sugar’s Natural Desserts, Santa Rosa, California

 Chef, Kitchen Manager, Seigler Springs Spa, Lake County, California

She has a Masters degree in Education, and loves imparting culinary wisdom and technique

 She is a true foodie, with a love of all things culinary!